14 Father’s Day Gifts That Cost Less Than 10¢

Here are things you can do for Dad without breaking the bank, and they will have far more meaning to him than a material gift. If you don’t have a Dad or he’s passed away, pick a man who is special to you and treat him to any of these ideas.

  1. Let Dad own the TV remote control to his heart’s content. No one complains or argues.
  2. Give Dad 3 sincere compliments throughout the day.
  3. Give Dad a big Papa Bear hug. Also have a family group hug with Dad sandwiched in the middle.
  4. Tell Dad 3 things you deeply appreciate that he always does for you, and what they mean to you.
  5. Make a scavenger hunt in your house with clues leading from destination to destination. The finish line is a big “We Love You” poster with family photos and signatures.
  6. What’s been on his mind lately? What’s stressing him out?  Think of ways you can help relieve the situation or provide emotional support.
  7. Make a list of his special qualities and post it on the refrigerator. (If you’re not with Dad, email it.)
  8. What chores does Dad always do? Pick 2 and do them. Meet his standards!
  9. Take a trip down memory lane by recalling to Dad some of your favorite moments with him, or when his advice changed your life for the better.
  10. Determine 2 topics of importance to you and have a true conversation with Dad about them. Ask him for his words of wisdom. Listen attentively. Be respectful.
  11. Invite Dad to go for a walk, jog, or bike ride with you.
  12. If you live miles apart and can only call him, commit to a light-hearted conversation. Share some laughs. Don’t complain or ask for anything (especially money).
  13. At breakfast, lunch or dinner, give Dad a king’s crown (you can make it out of construction paper) and make a special toast to him. Each person say why he is special to you.
  14. Crowd together for a family photo. Everybody make a crazy face. Turn it into Dad’s screensaver.

Bonus: Display greater patience and tolerance for the things Dad does that annoy you – not only today, but all the time.

Photo: My (late) Dad, Irwin Leider

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