Do Looks Matter?

Do you ever see a couple together but they’re not paying one bit of attention to each other? And when you look closer, you notice that either one or both hasn’t made an effort to be “attractive” in any way? I’m not talking about skinny or runway bombshell or hunk. It happens often…a spouse, partner, or significant other loses the “sexy” feeling for their spouse, partner, or significant other because he/she quit caring about how they look.  It often gets so bad that they despise touching the unkempt person.  Even though the couple may still be together, it’s likely a miserable union. When this happens, anger and unhappiness and humiliation surface, all of which have a ripple effect throughout the entire relationship. Here’s a video with a unique answer to the burning question “Do Looks Matter?’….

How do you feel about this? Do looks matter in a relationship? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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2 Comments to “Do Looks Matter?”

  1. Hi Sheryl

    Totally agree with you. When a person looks good they feel good about themselves. Therefore they also care more about their relationships with not only their spouse, but other people they come in contact with.
    Self pride is important.

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  2. Great point, Mary. Many would argue that appearances shouldn’t be judged. But, like it or not, how you present yourself definitely affects how abundant or not your world is. There’s a connection, for sure. Thanks for stopping by!
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