Honor The 5 Second Delay

My Mom called and told me that a cousin had been in a severe car accident. She was driving in heavy rain on a highway and her car skidded off the road. The car flipped over several times until it stopped in a ditch.

My instant words to my Mom were, “Is she okay?”

When I conveyed the misfortune to my husband, his first words were, “What kind of car was she driving?”

I immediately thought to myself, “Why the heck does my husband care about the car? That’s awfully insensitive.” I got a little irritated. But, upon further probing (kindly), my husband explained to me that the reason he asked about the car was because knowing the type would give him an immediate assessment of the likelihood that my cousin survived. Hmmmmmmmmm. So interesting. I realized that we both deeply cared about the same ending but we expressed it in completely different ways.

Men and women process information entirely different from each other. If we don’t know how to handle our communication differences, arguments and misunderstandings often erupt. There are a few handy tricks that bridge the communication gap between the sexes. Watch the video to learn about one that will dramatically transform your communication landscape.

Oh, and my cousin was okay. Fortunately she had her seat belt on. The airbags deployed and she escaped with a few minor bruises.

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